About The Clinic

Why is this clinic botox-only?

 There are already many clinics out there that provide a multitude of cosmetic services and products, but a common theme amongst some of them is that they oversell procedures and products that you may not really want.  A lot of trust is placed in doctors and esthetic professionals but unfortunately clients can receive more than they bargained for! 

 This is why Simply Skin was established.  We wanted to focus on providing discrete and minimalist Botox treatment and nothing more.  That way you can rest assured that the focus will be on using the least amount of Botox necessary to achieve your goals and there will not be an added sales pitch for other expensive procedures that you will be told you need.  So many clients have told us they have ended up unnecessarily spending thousands of dollars when all they wanted to do was reduce the appearance of a few wrinkles on their forehead! 

Why should you get botox?

 Everyone has their own reason for using Botox, but some common reasons include:

  • Maintaining a ‘fresh’ and more youthful appearance for day to day life

  • Reducing wrinkles for your wedding day / function

  • Optimizing your appearance before a photo shoot

  • Having a job where you are facing the public / media on a regular basis

There are many reasons that our faces can start to look tired or old.  Whether it is excessive sun exposure, dehydration or lack of sleep, it is important that these issues are addressed first to avoid things worsening. 

 Remember, nobody truly needs cosmetic Botox.  It is a quick and simple treatment which can enhance the appearance of your skin and rejuvenate it to give you a more youthful and less tired look.  The aim is not to completely alter the appearance of your face!