Botox for Men

Why should men get botox? Why is there stigma around it?

When cosmetic Botox first came about there was a lot of stigma around its use by women, and it was unheard of for men to have the procedure done!  Things have changed drastically since the inception of Botox many decades ago!  Amongst women, Botox is seen as just another simple procedure to rejuvenate the skin.  These days, both men and women routinely get Botox but when performed well you probably would not even notice!  You would be surprised to learn that many men that you know and work with have this procedure done on a regular basis!   

Men are not immune to the signs of ageing or looking fatigued.  For the longest time we have focused on procedures and products to help women’s skin look youthful and refreshed, but in recent years there has been a massively increased focus on aesthetic products and services for men.  After all, why should men not look after their appearances too?!

Cosmetic Botox for men, affectionately referred to as ‘Brotox’, is not necessarily about creating wrinkle-free faces.  Men often have different treatment goals which usually involve reducing the signs of fatigue and ageing but still maintaining a natural, refreshed look.  The aim is to reduce the presence of the lines without completely erasing them.   

At Simply Skin we understand this and always start with the least amount of Botox necessary to achieve that objective, leaving you with that natural, more refreshed look.  After all, you go to the gym to improve your health and appearance of your body, so why neglect your face?